The Red Bull Mini Drome competition in NY is about to begin this Saturday and this is promising to be a big one!
The event will be held in Brooklyn's Bushwick Church and will be as much fun as always but this one just might turn out a little bit more special.
The American audience is probably already familiar with Addison Zawada who currently holds the most titles from North American races and is nearly unbeaten champion in US but this time he will be facing the ultimate European champion Toms Alsbergs from Latvis's Tru Fix Kru who will challenge the New York's mini drome competitors with his "Second place is the first loser" attitude.
This could turn out as a real clash of the titans and undoubtedly will be the most exciting Mini Drome race to date if they face each other.
We're really looking forward for the race and wishing luck to all the riders, especially our friends from @TruFixKru
Red Bull Mini Drome NY

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[…] founders include the Red Bull Minidrome champion Toms Alsbergs, extreme sports photographer PavLove and local pro barista […]

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Tao Geoghegan Hart has made his mark at international level by achieving a fine fourth place in the European Youth Olympic Festival cycling Time Trial event; the race of truth . Our lad was 0.7 of a second away from a bronze medal – ouch – perhaps a pair of deep section wheels would’ve made the difference and lifted Mr T onto the podium? Sometimes it can be about the bike as well.

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