Why / How did you start your business in the bicycle industry ?

I was based in London, working in the City as a Business Analyst. It doesn’t do much for the soul, being a business analyst. In my spare time, I was renovating old bicycles and then selling them. This quickly took over my living room, my bedroom and the basement of the office where I worked.

It was the bikes that I woke up thinking about, it was the bikes that I couldn’t wait to work on, my day job was getting in the way …

I made the big decision, the crazy decision some may say to leave my safe nine till five job in the city and start FOFFA.

Our history is on our website, it’s something I’m enormously proud off. We’re not a faceless corporate organisation we’re a group of people that have joined forces to share a passion for cycling, style, and design. 

What sets you apart from the competition?

My team. People make are what makes a business, it’s my team that, equally as passionate as I am, that work long hours and invested emotion into every element of FOFFA. It sounds cheesy to say it but we really do all care, a lot.

Our attention to detail, our clear mission always front of mind, to design and deliver stylish bikes with the best components. I’m not allowed to use the word affordable but I don’t ever want to think we’re ripping people off, I want people on the best bikes possible, if I wanted to get rich I would have kept my job in the city.  

How do you encourage others to cycle?


Make a list; compare the trip to the shops for milk via car and via bike. Cycling is cheaper, quicker and you get to justify buying a bigger bar of chocolate when you get there as you’ve saved money and burnt calories.

Why drive to the gym? Why not just get on a bike and go and explore, so many of the towns and cities we live in have such wonders and beauty waiting for us yet we never get to see them, never get to explore what’s on our own doorsteps; on a bike you have excitements and wonder waiting for you.

 What inspires you to cycle?

Growing up in a place like Venice you learn quickly to appreciate space. Cycling as a child was amazing; it offered freedom and independence to explore. Every excuse, every opportunity I would jump on a bike.

I still look at my bike and get excited, I think I’m addicted. It’s a part of my DNA I think, it’s always been a part of my life, my preferred way to travel. I still don’t own a car, to get to meetings I use my bike and if needs be a train.  Every excuse, every opportunity, I’m on my bike.

My bike gets me to meetings, it gets me to the shop to get milk, with the exception of my feet it’s my only my only mode of transport. I am very much a user.

What’s planned for near future?

Foffa is constantly innovating; most recently a cycling clothing line was developed by Foffa.

Every bike out there has our finger prints on it, our DNA a part of it. From the first one sold, to the one sold 20 minutes ago, they’re a part of us, they’re not just bikes.

On Instagram we have a strong community and it’s all built round the hash tag #FOFFAfamily .People that own our bikes are as proud as we are to be a part of this family.

We never say have a nice ride, we always say Happy FOFFAing. When you ride a bike it’s a method of travel from point A to point B. When you ride a FOFFA people stop you to ask what you’re riding; strangers on foot, in cars throw compliments at you.

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