Every year we commit to New Year resolutions. They invariably fail, as we have decided to give up something we love or have to do something we do not want to do. Why not this year commit to something fun? Something you will, therefore, stick to? Cycling resolutions can be fun and will help you enjoy the next year. Cycling is the best way to have a successful 2017.

New Year Cycling Resolution

As such we have compiled a list of the six best reasons to make more cycling your new year's resolution for 2017. A quick and handy guide to creating the new, fitter, more amazing you.


1. Loose Weight: Every year, people commit to losing weight and as such it is a bumper time for gym memberships. Invariably, these mostly lapse. This is because you are locked in a little room, with stationary equipment and you will no doubt have to sit in traffic to get there. Why not then jump on your bike? You can go see the world, not be trapped in a room and get through traffic quickly.

Just remember and lose weight sensibly, increasing your riding will work but if you are new to cycling, do not diet at the same time as increasing your cycling mileage. Your body will need to figure out its new energy needs.


2. Commute: Commuting to work by bike will help with rule number one. You will also get to work faster, as you can cut through traffic, meaning you can spend longer in bed. You will also save money on petrol or public transport costs and have a warm, smug feeling all day.

Cold days will no longer be cold, as you warm up faster on a bike than by walking and then you keep that heat for longer. Dull January days are perfect for cycling then. Conversely, during the warm days of summer, you will be kept cooler by cycling than walking, your bike is like an air conditioning unit for your body.


3. Less Stress: We all feel stressed at some points in our life. The two main culprits are not enough time and worrying about money. Looking at the point above we can help to alleviate those worries through bicycles, you will save money by commuting to work on a bike, on a yearly basis it will work out cheaper than getting the bus. As well as that, when you go cycle you will be boosting blood supply to your brain and releasing endorphins that will make you feel happy.

Happy, stress-free and with more money, bicycles are great.


4. Get Off The Sofa: You have one life, make the most of it and get off the sofa and go pedal. Your bike will take you to new places and on new adventures. Instead of hearing about people's adventures on TV, you will be creating them. So forget all the generic and dumbed down programs and use the real world as a reality show.

You will now be thinking Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here is all about getting celebrities off the sofa and out on their bikes.


5. Try A New Type Of Cycling: So you have a road bike and it takes you on your current adventures. Why not double the terrain you go down with a hybrid, mountain bike or cyclo-cross bike. Maybe even try a fat bike for the first time, variety is the spice of life. Riding a different bike will give you a new perspective and a whole host of new skills to use on your original bike.

Feel like a superstar when you take bunnyhop from your mountain biking to road biking, street furniture will no longer be a hassle but a fun experience.


6. FUN: Cycling is fun, you can discover new places, make new friends, feel, happier, save money. How can you not want to get out on your bike and enjoy life? Seeing the world will give you a whole new perspective on life and your memoirs will be a much better read.

Cycling is all about fun, nothing more, nothing less.


These resolutions will help to bring you health and fitness, without that seemingly being an over-arching concern. As such you will be much more likely to succeed and be happy with life. Failing at resolutions can upset your mental health, so be realistic and have simple, easy goals until you feel like taking on bigger challenges. You have the rest of your, now longer, life to ride up the Alpe d'Heuz or ride solo across Europe, so just now plan small and eventually those big dreams will happen with seemingly no effort.

Everyday on your bike will be a new chapter in the new, successful you. You will be happier, leaner and have the best tales to tell at work. So do not let the next year pass you by once again, grab life by the bars and ride like hell fire into it.

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Cycling as a New Year resolution can mean you have two Christmas days a year, instead of just one.  As after ordering a bike and your new bike arriving, you will feel like the countdown to Christmas has started all over again. Taking you back to those feelings you used to have as a kid and the excitement of ripping a big box open, spilling the contents onto the floor but now with no adult to give you a row for the mess.

Not bothering to tidy before rushing out into the street with your shiny new cycle, sitting on that new saddle, putting your feet on the new pedals, gripping the new bars and pedalling off down the street like your life depends on it. Do not worry about looks from strangers, allow your childish excitement to overcome you and enjoy life. Life has just got a whole lot more awesome.

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