Coaster brake bike

Nine out of ten people probably don't care, but if you have landed on this page, you have either had one of these bikes as a child or you are just curious.

I remember my first bike, it was a three-wheeler kids bike, technically a brakeless fixed gear with a gear ratio so slow even a snail could overtake me, but oh boy, once I got my first two wheels it was a blast, quite literally. I remember as if it happened yesterday hitting a big fat rock with my front wheel and flying over my handlebars in a spectacular manner. All that because I didn't know how to break.

Brakes on a bike wasn't an innovation at that time but being a kid on a freewheel bike for the first time it didn't cross my mind I had to push my pedals backwards. It's that simple. A lot of older vintage bikes used the same technology and the thing isn't gone anywhere It is still common on some city bikes and duchies to have a coaster brake but it's making it's way back up in popularity and there is a good reason why.

The coaster brake is worked into the back wheel and does not carry any external parts. There is no need for levers, wires and callipers. You simply push the pedals backwards and the bike stops. The brake itself also needs nearly no maintenance or replacement parts as long as you keep your bike oiled and tidy. It may be a gram or two heavier than a calliper brake but for the sake of comfort, it works beautifully on a city type bike.

Apart from some odd experiments here and there Pure Cycles is one of the first manufacturers to start introducing this system in mass to our customers and the results are brilliant. Just look at the bikes they have produced. Coaster brake allows the bike to be tidy and minimalistic keeping a lot of the unnecessary cable connections out of the equation. A high rise stem and a moustache riser handlebar make it a superbly comfortable and edgy city bike with even less maintenance needed.

Click here to see our collection of coaster brake bikes.

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