Some things never change for a reason and CMNDR is one of them. 
Polo and Bike have done such a great job on designing the CMNDR geometry It's become an instant classic. This is exactly the reason geometry is left untouched from the previous years but oh boy, just look at those flashy colours. 

Polo and Bike started off as just another cheap fixie company years ago but it seems like they have really grown up as they design great classic looking yet temporarily styled bikes one after another. The new CMNDR is not an exception. Polo and Bike, as always, have left the best bits on and improved where needed. Still the 4130 Chromoly Steel frame and the super light full carbon forks in combination with well-styled chainring and durable wheels.

They have gone a bit splash on the colours. Considering the down to earth colour schemes from the last year, 2018 has brought us a fresh Orange Edition and Raw Polished Steel. No surprises on keeping the last years best selling colour and you can get the 2018 model in Army Green but the subtle purple is a newcomer.

Overall CMNDR has kept it's best features and has become an instant classic. The bikes have proven their bet the previous years and have well deserved to be called one of the best picks in the price range. If you consider CMNDR, don't hesitate and go for it. There are no regrets to be found in the packaging.

Which is your favourite CMNDR colour? Leave us a comment below and click here to check out all the CMNDR bikes on our website.


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