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In the age of inflation and rising prices, it is not often you hear that cheaper is better, but why did Polo and Bike drop the price of their top of the range racing quality bike for over £130?

Yes, you read it right. It is a racing quality bike and it was built upon a success of the Polo and Bike racing team participating in Red Hook criterium racing series around the globe. It has been used, with some modification, of course, in some of the most challenging fixed gear cycling events and Polo and Bike has been competing with brands like Cinelli, Specialised and Aventon for the spot on the podium and sale of their bicycles alike.

Fixed gear bike racing, like all cycling sports, involves a lot of focus, strength, teamwork and reliable mechanics between your legs, and reliable mechanics is what Williamsburg brings you. Designed for fixed gear criterium, the most challenging fixed gear race you can find involving fast cornering and manoeuvring on a tarmac, it is an ultimate machine for streets. Criterium race is born out of illegal back-alley bike courier races in Brooklyn and Williamsburg carries its name up to its standard right there.

In order to compete with all those other brands above outside the fixed gear criterium race, Polo and Bike are making their creation more accessible to masses than ever before. We experienced a slight price increase for Williamsburg over the past few years as the bike was developed into a hardcore racing machine and now with all that knowledge up the sleeve, Williamsburg is coming back with a lower price still packing all that track and criterium experience in a simple and beautiful machine.

Now is a great time to get your hands on a bike that is purposely designed for racing on the tarmac, exactly what you need to get to work in time.

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