Python Duke single speed

Written By Maris Skujins - July 04 2011


scott mckendrick
October 22 2017

Best bike I have… rode it for a year as my main bike… popped some TT bars on the front and use it for hill training now.

Lee leonard
January 23 2017

Have had this bike wile now i think its a great retro looking bike has been well designed and is a good all rounder its has good wait distribution and is so simple to fix i have spent silly money in past on treck ribble bianci wish i had none a bout this bike then alright its not carbon fiber but if you are only using it for fun this bike will do evertjing you ask of it great bike

January 08 2016

I just got one of these – my first single speed. Excellent fun. Mine came with flip flop so I use freewheel option. Light, fast, fast fun. Ans not expensive. Go get!

January 08 2016

The bike is decent for the price of it, it’s robust and will last. It comes only on fixed gear but for little extra you can add a freewheel and it will make it into flip flop (single speed and/or fixed gear). So far all the customers are happy and have had no bad feedback.

January 08 2016

Hey, can’t find any review of this bike? Anyone has rode it? Any feedback will be much appreciate it. Thanks

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