Python Atlas

Written By Maris Skujins - September 19 2011


January 08 2016

Hi, bike looks exactly like what I am after. Can you tell me what sizes it comes in? Looking for a 60cm frame or there about for commuting? Cheers

January 08 2016

Yes, we can certainly do a custom build bike for you, the 3speed hub at the back is also possible. Have you got a chance to drop by at our workshop? It would be easier to show you the options there.

Fixed Gear wanted in Bristol - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed
January 08 2016

[…] some pictures? have had the bike about 3 months and It started life as a python atlas see here: but I have given it a more comfortable saddle and handle […]

January 08 2016

I’m looking at getting a bike for riding to work, preferably I woudl like a white bike due to ride at 5am in the morning, I’d like anythin that will enhance me being seen by others. I love the look of the single speed bikes but after some research at the local bike shop have wondered about getting the rear wheel with the 3 speed hub. Is it possible for you to do something like this, with this bike? Can this bike be customised at all? Maybe city bike handle bars, different coloured rims etc?

January 08 2016

Hi is this bike available without wheels and tyres.and is uk delivery free? Thanks

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