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Written By Maris Skujins - September 19 2011


January 08 2016

Hi guys,

I’m looking to buy a bike asap and found one of your flyers. Loved the look of this bike but was just wondering about a few specs. I’m 5 ft 9 would the frame be big enough for me? I’m totally uneducated in bikes but is this a ‘dutch style’ bike? I really don’t want one of them where you have to fully sit up. Annnnnnd yea I think that would be it for questions?! Like I said I don’t know much about bikes and don’t really have the time to buy a frame and build one up but this looks like just the sort of thing I’m after.

My numbers 07507605874 or you can just contact me by e-mail.

Thank you,


January 08 2016


this is a Dutch Style bike though we have a good selection of the bikes at your size at the moment. If you’re based in London just call in and we’ll show you around.

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