Vintage Apollo Commuter

Written By Maris Skujins - March 12 2012


August 02 2017

I just got one of these and need to know your answers to these questions.
-Did you use a square taper BB or the stock one?
-What wheel set?
-What gear ratio?
-Any tips?

Carl ellis
October 01 2016

Also has the chain guard and mud guards

Carl ellis
October 01 2016

I have a apollo commuter fo sale great working order and original parts?

January 08 2016

Cant tell you Paul really, keep an eye on the site and call us as soon as you can make your way down.

January 08 2016

I’ve been looking for a bike like this and its a great price. I’d love to come and have a look at it but don’t think I’d be able to until the middle of next week. Do you think it might have been snapped up before then?

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