We built this Carlton up for Darren from Hagerston, Shoreditch. He came to us to look at a couple of bikes and by the first sight at him we realized this will have to be a very large frame. We had a Carlton frame hanging in the workshop Darren really liked so we agreed to build it up for him.

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Darren was keen to try a fixed gear bike so we fitted his bike with a flip-flop hub so he can change back to normal single speed if he wouldn't find fixed exciting enough. So we fitted the bike with a sealed bottom bracket, a nice vintage looking chainset and funky looking curved handlebars which will make his sitting position slightly higher, just to be aware of the traffic around him. Here are some photos of what the result was:

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It depends what frame are we using, if you are looking at vintage frames at their original paintwork we might have to have a good search for one, how tall are you? (for the right frame sizing)


This is amazing. How much would something like this cost? I wouldnt need an XL frame. Large/medium would suit.