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The one style fit's all is long gone and failed by TV shop of 90's. 6ku bikes represent four corners of urban cycling and give you a huge choice of style.Whether you're a classic city boy or a track worthy bike geek, bling-bling rose gold chick or a street beater courier feeding on the hip, 6KU Bikes have a choice for you. 6ku bikes represent great fixed gear and single speed range reaching from deep under budget to great aluminium bikes for the price of a street beater, as well as a wide range of city bikes for both, ladies and gentleman.


Bicycle accessories are great. They allow you to make sure your bike does not get stolen, they allow you to show off some more of your personality, and sometimes they are just an impulse purchase that makes you feel warm and fussy inside. Bicycle accessories cover a huge range of options and as such we here at Single Speed Co have scoured the market to make sure we only bring you the best and we will have them delivered right to your door.

Bicycle Storage

If space is a premium and you need to keep your bike indoors, a good quality bike cover is what you need. You can now keep your bike inside without all of the outdoor grime getting over your furnishings. We offer a lot of different Velo Sock designs, allowing you to get the one the perfectly matches your house décor. We also stock the well priced Zulu bike bag in case you need to take your bike away for a holiday, we are sure it deserves one.


Quality bicycles delivered right to your door. At Single Speed Co, that is what we are passionate about. We will bring you the best bikes from the best manufacturers and we bring them right to you. We stock single speed, fixed gear, geared, city, fat, and cyclocross bikes. We will have a model then that suits your requirements. With bikes from State Bicycle Co, Pure Fix, Quella, Foffa, Polo and Bike, SaintVelo Cycles, Unknown Bikes, and Cinelli you can be sure our bikes are the best available.


Cinelli is one of the few companies that are synonymous with Italian cycling. With the company originally set up by three-time Giro D'Italia stage winner, as well as a victory at Milan-San Remo, Cino Cinelli, they have cycling lore coursing through all their bikes. With their heritage tied to Columbus steel, you can be sure they know how to make the very finest of steel bicycles. That does not mean you should ignore their carbon bicycles, these build upon Cinelli's knowledge of bicycle design and push it into the stratosphere.

City Bikes

City bikes are a great way to get to work in style. You will more than likely be less stressed and sweaty than the folks who drove to work as it is 'easier'. They are the perfect bike for that Sunday meander or that trip to the coffee shop to meet friends. The upright and comfy nature of a city bike means you will always be at ease as you cycle through the city. These are the perfect return to cycling bikes if you have been away from cycling for a little while.

Cyclocross Bikes

Racing a bike around a muddy field during winter is fun. If you do not believe us ask yourself why there are so many cyclocross bikes available now. Cyclocross is huge. The other reason for the popularity of cyclocross bikes is that you can use them for many different tasks. You can kit them up for touring, you can use them for commuting, and you can go and do some off-road riding on them. As such cyclocross bikes are here to stay and we will happily raise a glass of Belgian blonde beer to them.

Cyclopath by Single Speed Co

Unchain Your Inner Cyclopath! Cyclopath, as neatly described by the urban dictionary, is someone who bikes in extremes such as traffic, twisty roads or in the middle of winter. It also relates to someone cycling in a borderline insane manner. We designed a Cyclopath clothing line for all cyclopaths, for those who feel Cyclo enough to wear it, or get a Cyclopath present for someone who deserves it. Are you Cyclopath enough to wear one of our pieces?

Fat Bikes

Fat bikes, they are fun. Nothing more and nothing less They are the ideal beginner's mountain bike, we say this because have you tried to crash a fat bike? It is practically impossible. Fat bike tyres will keep you upright with no thought, they just do not want to loose grip. They even work well as a commuter bike, street furniture just gets rolled over the top of. You will not notice those parked cars on your way to work. You will even become the envy of the office with your cool fat bike.

Fixed Gear Bikes

Fixed gear bikes are generally regarded to be the most simple and robust bikes that one can buy. At Single Speed Co we agree but rather than just use any old fixed gear bike range we have found the best brands to offer you. The brands that offer you the best bang for your buck.   Fixed gear bikes are the truest form of cycling. What you put into your bike is what you will get out.   All of our fixed gear bikes come with flip flop hubs (fixed/freewheel) and with front and rear brakes unless other wise stated in the item description.


You have just purchased a nice, shiny new bike, your next purchase should really be a good quality bicycle lock to make sure you keep it. At Single Speed Co we also believe as well as being as secure as possible, locks should also be easy to transport. With Hiplok we have that covered and if you already have a lock we have the Peša lock holder to make it easier for you to carry your lock.


Bikes are made up of a collection of parts. Eventually, you will wear some out or just want some shiny new ones, this is where you can find the best bicycle parts that Single Speed Co could find for your money. Perhaps you fancy a new bike but you want to build a custom bike. We have you covered there with the finest range of bike frames available yet and from there we have wheels, cranks, bar tape, and all the other bike parts you may need. Any questions, use the blue “Message Us” button and we will do our best to help you.

Polo and Bike

Polo and Bike, once a small fixed gear company from Spain have taken the world over as they spread through road and criterium races. Masters in designing and building bikes for both, road and professional racing, Polo and Bike uses the best practice acquired through extensive tests with their cycling team and implement it in excellent bike building.  Through the years Polo and Bike has come to a perfect balance between price and quality using high-quality components combined with well-designed parts, professionally built frames and local assembly. After dropping some early experimental ranges, CMNDR and Williamsburg have become instant hits both in Europe and USA.  CMNDR series is a purpose-built track inspired single speed street bike offering aggressive steel frame geometry combined with lightweight carbon composite forks and robust deep section wheels Williamsburg is a top-end fixed gear model used by P&B pro cycling team. Built on a light-weight aluminium frame and carbon composite forks it is edgy and light. Take it on the track, to the criterium and run it through alleycat races. This bike is good both, for racing or road. From simple steel single speed bicycles to criterium ready racing bikes, to fully geared carbon cyclocross bikes, Polo and  Bike have you covered.

Pure Cycles

Pure Fix, now simply Pure Cycles have come a long way in a short time. This American brand has even had their bikes on Oprah, that is all sorts of cool. Cool, is definitely a great description for Pure Cycles. Their bikes just exude it, they exemplify fixie culture, even in their none fixed gear bikes. Bikes are available in more colour ways than you can imagine, even on their entry level models. With a choice of handlebar available on many models, you will be able to get the bar you want and not necessarily the one a manufacturer wants you to take.

Quella Bicycle

Quella is a brand from Cambridge and the Cambridge vibe definitely comes through in their range of bikes. Quella delivers great looking and stylish bicycles at a price everyone can appreciate. Their recent step out into doing cyclocross bikes is the proof that although their bikes may look retro, they have their finger very much on the pulse of single speed cycling culture.

Saintvelo Cycles

Saintvelo Cycles are a Spanish brand who love simplicity. Their bike exudes their ethos of simplicity, giving you a bike that works simply really well. Saintvelo Cycles are incredible value bikes and will have you racing around streets for much less than you thought you would have to spend. Quality at a great price should be as much a part of their motto as is making simple, great bikes.

Single Speed Bikes

Like fixed gear bikes, single speed bikes are considered simple and robust bikes. This allows you to have a bike that can take the worst your local environment can throw at them and they can still come back looking for more. The bikes we have chosen will allow you to get out and enjoy cycling more than you imagined was possible. All of our fixed gear bikes come with flip flop hubs (fixed/freewheel) and with front and rear brakes unless otherwise stated in the item description.      

State Bicycle Co.

State Bicycle Co is a fast growing company with a big range of bikes. They have entry level single speed and fixed gear bikes through to performance level bicycles. If you fancy getting muddy they also have a small but fully formed range of cyclocross bikes and a fat bike to complete the off-road range. Their Premium range has some great bikes if you need to get to places in a hurry. If you fancy something different they have a range of The Simpsons inspired bicycles, now who does not love a bit of Springfield in their life?  

Unknown Bikes

Unknown Bike Co makes bikes that go fast, seriously their fixed gear bikes look fast just sitting there. If you want to get involved in fixed gear crits, an Unknown bike could be exactly what you are looking for. Unashamedly all about performance. The Unknown down tube is not there for logo placement, it is there to maximise every pedal stroke you make. Bikes for knowing that second is the first loser.

Velo Sock

Muddy floors are a thing of the past with Velo Sock bike covers. Velo Socks help to turn your bicycle into a work of art whilst you have your bike in the house, they come in more designs and patterns than you can even imagine. Velo Sock is the world's first indoor bicycle cover, it is such a simple and great idea you will wonder why no one came up with it first and why you do not already own one.


If you fancy being able to bring your fixed gear bike to a stop, then some form of foot retention is needed. The Ukranian brand Zulu have you covered here, with their very stylish foot straps and other cycling accessories. Not only are their products stylish but you can be sure they are as environmentally friendly as Zulu can manage, they even use bicycles for their logistics department.