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About State Bicycle Co:

State Bicycle Co, one of the first single speed cycling focused companies that could be nearly called mainstream, but is it? 

State Bikes started off similar to many other bike brands born in 2000's. The aim was to make beautiful and well performing bikes available to masses. Operating from Arizona, United States, State Bicycle Co somewhat achieved it. They became immensely popular among commuters but it took some time for them to prove their worthiness within fixed gear cycling culture. Now State Bicycle Co runs their own criterium team with some pretty decent results. 


Founded in 2009 by three cycling enthusiasts from Arizona, State Bicycle Co was made to beat the c**p out of competition over price / performance. 10+ years down the line and they have definitely done that. 

State Bicycle Co entered the UK and European market in 2011 immediately taking one of the leading roles in the single speed / fixed gear consumer market niche. Later developments of 6061 series and Undefeated series made a strong impact on Europes fixed gear cycling culture and the brand has been established as one of the leaders in its segment in the region.

The Bikes

Over years State Bicycle Co has been experimenting with several ideas of how the bikes should look like. Some of them have taken off big time and some, like fat bikes and the short lived trend of Cyclo Cross bikes is now behind us.

4130 Coreline

What started as a goal to make a bike for everyone eventually developed into what we now know as the 4130 Coreline series. A very well built, light and all round well performing bike designed mainly for daily commute. It has become a staple in State Bicycle Co's range and the name of the series says it all. 

This bike will take you from A to B and all the way throgh to Z. There isn't a better price / performance value for a budget bike and I can't think of anything to add for a daily commuter. I personally suggest this to most of my friends who are in need for a form of urban transport in style.

6061 Black Label

This 6061 aluminium series is a different breed of animal. Lighter, edgier and sportier compared to its Coreline relatives, this bike is next level. It will comfortably take you around town but will also be happy to take part in some more serious cycling activities. Take it to a track day or climb a mountain, yet you can still ride to work and be fine. Perfect all-rounder to fit a sportier folks needs.


These bikes, although similarly named to it's big brother 4130 Coreline, is something else at all. Great budget option for city commuting. State Bicycle Co has built this on a simple CroMo steel frame but don't get me wrong - simple is good. As long as your only need is to get from A to B and weight is not your top priority (or budget is), this is your best hit.


Some things you know are good once you look at them. This is the centre piece, the highest price, the ultimate goal of a fixed gear bike. We're talking pro level here. This bike was designed and built for State Bicycle Co's criterium team and is proven itself to be king of the show. Highest quality components, perfectly styled with attention to detail and race-ready. This bike is pro quality and pros will know that. This bike is specifically designed for fixed gear racing and there are only few manufacturers who can challenge the superiority of this work of art.

Geared 4130

The latest addition to State Bicycle Co's collection because some people still choose gears. Essentially it is the 4130 coreline on speed. It's a road bike with a proven concept tested for years.