What size bike do I need?

For the best fit, we havea  bike sizing chart available for each bike individually on the product description.
For general guidelines, you can visit our universal Bike Sizing Chart.

Will my bike come with a warranty?

Yes, all our bikes are covered by at least 1-year manufacturers warranty. Terms of warranty can be found on the product description.

Will my payment be secure?

Payment security is our top priority. You can check out using PayPal, the biggest online payment provider in the world and all our card payments are processed by Stripe, the most advanced and secure payment solution there is. As an addition, all orders are screened by Riskified team to prevent identity fraud.
In plain language that means your payments are triple safe.

Will my bike arrive assembled?

Due to shipping size restrictions, all bikes will be packed in the box and will arrive about 90% assembled. Small things like front wheel, seat and handlebars will have to be attached.


What is Single Speed Bike?

What is Fixed Gear Bike?

What Handlebar should I choose?

I've got my bike. How to adjust it?