Polo and Bike Waranty

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 Article 1:


1.1 Eco-Logica Asturias S.L. guarantee that the poloandbike fixed gear bicycles are free of construction and/or materials defects and any other points which are covered within these warrantee conditions.

1.2 The warranty can only be claimed by the first owner of the polo&bike bicycle in question.

1.3 The warranty expires in accordance with the articles 3 and 5

1.4 The warranty cannot be transferred to a third party.


Article 2

Warranty Period

 2.1 On all polo&bike bicycles frames a warranty of ( 2 ) years is given for construction and/or material defects.

2.2 There will be no warranty extended on normal wear and tear parts such as tyres, chain, freewheel, cables and brake pads except where construction and/or material defects have been identified.


Article 3

Warranty Exclusions

 3.1 In the following cases warranty will be lost:

a) Improper and/or unjust use of the bicycle according to the designed purpose.

b) The bicycle has not been maintained in accordance with user manual instructions.

c) Technical repairs have not been carried out in a professional manner.

d) The fitting of aftermarket parts which do not meet technical specifications or have been incorrectly fitted.

e) Proof of purchase is missing.

f) The warrantee card has not been, or improperly filled-out or sent within the given time frame.

3.2 Further responsability is irrefutably denied by Eco-Logica Asturias S.L. for damage to the bicycle or parts thereof as a result of:

a) Defective adjustment of handle-bars. handlebar rod, saddle, saddle rod. brakes, quick-release mechanism of wheels and saddle.

b) The untimely replacement of parts such as brake cables, brakes, tyres, chain and cogs.

c) Climatological influences such as normal discoloring of paint or chrome-pitting.


Article 4

Warranty Parts

 4.1 During the warranty period all parts which have been identified by Eco-Lógica Asturias S.L as suffering from construction and/or material defects, will be repaired or reimbursed by choice of Eco-Lógica Asturias S.L. The eventual costs of (de-) assembly are to be borne by the owner.

4.2 Cost of transport of the bicycle and/or parts thereof to and from Eco-Logica Asturias S.L. will be borne by Eco-Logica Asturias S.L. if the parts in question are subject to warranty.

4.3 Should the part in question for warranty no longer be in stock or deliverable, Eco-Logica Asturias S.L. will arrange for at least an equally valuable alternative part.


Article 5

Claiming the Warranty

 5.1 Claims under this warranty need to be presented with the bicycle or the related part thereof for inspection by Eco-Logica Asturias S.L. approved specialist together with proof of purchase.


Article 6


 6.1 A by Eco-Lógica Asturias S.L. accepted warrantee claim does not automatically mean that Eco-Logica Asturias S.L. accepts any responsability for any eventual damage that may have occurred. The responsability of Eco-Logica Asturias S.L. never extends beyond the conditions as described within these warrantee conditions.


All claims for responsability of Eco-Logica Asturias S.L. for resulting damage will be categorically denied.


To arrange a warranty claim for bike purchased from Single-Speed Co. please email info@single-speed.co.uk