Lift Off Magnetar Cold White Crossbody Bag

Lift Off

£109.99 GBP 

  • Ligt Off Magnetar Cold White frame attached bike
  • Lift Off Bicycle bag
  • water resistant cycling bag
  • Lift Off Magnetar Cold White Crossbody Bag
  • bicycle frame attaches bag
  • silver frame bag

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  • It is 100% water-resistant and protects everything inside the bag even in the harshest conditions
  • Magnetar Silver is handcrafted in Czech Republic, this guarantees that even the smallest details are taken care of
  • The attachment to the bike frame is easy and reliable thanks to massive steel hardware and magnets that ensure a firm grip and no wobbling
  • Magnetar Silver is made using thick truck canvas, which is water and dirt resistant. It is easy to wash and requires no special care
  • Sizes: 

    Inner dimensions: Upper part 28cm x longer side 37cm x shorter side 19cm x bottom part 26cm Outer dimensions: Upper part 30cm x longer side 50cm x shorter side 30cm x bottom part 28cm Depth 5cm; Ipad Air, Ipad Mini, format A5 paper

  1. You do not need to impregnate our synthetic products
  2.  You can remove any dirt with wet cloth. You also can use a soft brush or washing sponge. 
  3. Let any water stains dry naturally or dry them with cloth. Any high temperatures such as blow-drying may damage the material.
  4. You can wash oil stains using cloth. Do not use petroleum or any other solvents.
  5. Sharp objects can damage the bag. Do not cut or stab it. (Lift Off bags are much like your friends. If you stab them, they will not stay with you for a long time.)
  6. If you don’t use the bag, store it in the original box. Stuff it with clean paper so it maintains its shape. Don’t use newspaper, as it might stain the bag.

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