Lift Off Magnetar Grey Cycle Bag

Lift Off

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  • Lift Off Magnetar Grey Cycle bag
  • Lift Off Bicycle bag
  • frame attached cycling bag
  • magnetic frame attachable bicycle bag
  • Grey cycling crossbody bag
  • Lift Off crossbody bag
  • Liftoff grey bicycle bag

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Men's Crossbody Bag


Pearl Grey is a limited collection of our Magnetar cyclebags, made of surprisingly soft but durable Italian sourced leather with the superb aesthetic appeal of the pearl grey colour. Like every other Magnetar, also this bag was designed to make your ride free and easy. With empty pockets and nothing on your back, you will not even know you carry all your things. Matter of course is the stainless hardware, massive stainless steel zipper and precision stitching. The product, including hardware and furnishing, is handmade in the Czech Republic. It looks great on the bike as well as on its own. It will become your “daily” go to bag.

Attaching Magnetar to the bicycle is comfortable thanks to special stainless steel hooks. Magnets at the bottom assure the bag fits to the frame perfectly. Just play the animation below to learn more about this original bag.


We source the highest quality leather from established Italian family tanneries. The leather is gently tanned to maintain its original look and accentuate the colour, making each product unique. With a focus on the natural beauty of material, we do not use synthetic substitutes. We pride ourselves on environmentally friendly manufacture, even if that means exceptionally demanding and more rigorous processes are needed to make our products. We trust you will appreciate the fine workmanship of this product.


  • Inner dimensions: top 28cm x left / longer side 37cm x right / shorter side 19cm x bottom 26cm
  • Outer dimensions: top 30cm x left / longer side 50cm x right shorter side 30cm x bottom 28cm
  • Depth 5 cm
  • Ipad Air, Ipad Mini, A5 format
  • Lift off products are manufactured with a premium full-grain leather that is not sanded, buffed or snuffled in order to maintain its natural texture.  Minor leather imperfections and individual marks are common for premium-grade hide as is a patina that will develop over time.
  • Leather is naturally permeable and can never be entirely waterproof, nonetheless you can use beeswax creams which act as a barrier against water. Keep in mind, beeswax may alter the hue of dyed leather, so test first on a small area that is at the rear of the bag.  Alternatively,  use a spray protectant which is invisible  although slightly less effective as a water repellent
  • Dirt may be removed with a clean damp cloth or with a cleaner made specifically for natural leather. Marked areas can also be brushed with a soft brush, to remove any dried dirt.
  • Let water spills dry naturally or wipe them off with a clean dry cloth. Do not use high-heat measures such as a hairdryer which may cause irrepairable damage  to the leather.
  • Oil stains can be treated and removed with a microfiber cloth and talcum powder. First, wipe off as much of the grease as possible with the cloth. Avoid scrubbing the leather. Second, spread talcum powder on the stain and let it sit for several hours. Then gently brush off the talcum powder with a cloth. The powder draws the grease out of the leather.
  • Leather will dry out over time so it is important to moisturize it. To prevent flaking and wrinkling, dab a  small amount of leather conditioner on a soft cloth and rub gently all over.
  • Store the product in its original package and fill it with cloth or a fibre stuffing to maintain its shape - do not  use newspaper, as this could  stain the inside of the bag.

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